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Optodyne’s laser calibration series are based on the patented LDDM technology. It can be applied for the calibration and compensation of machine tool positioning errors, including the displacement errors, vertical and horizontal straightness errors, squareness errors, pitch and yaw angular errors. Using the patented laser vector technique, the volumetric positioning errors can be calibrated and compensated in a few hours instead of a few days using a conventional laser interferometer. The MCV-500 is a basic linear calibration system. Add SD-500 to measure vertical and horizontal straightness errors and squareness errors. Add LB-500 to measure the circular contouring errors. Add AM-500 to measure the pitch and yaw angular errors. The MCV-2002 is a dual-beam laser system. It can measure both the linear displacement and the angular error simultaneously. It is equivalent to 2 laser interferometers built into one. Add RT-100 to measure the angular errors of a rotary table or the rotary axes. Our latest LICS series units are extremely compact.  The system has only two main components and fits in one small carrying case.  For more details, click on the model number to view the technical brochure. To download the technique brochure, use the download button in the menu bar on the left.

Calibration series
MCV-500 Linear Machine Calibration   LICS-100A Extreme Compact Linear Machine Calibration  
MCV-500C Complete Machine Calibration System   LICS-100AP Turn-key Extreme Compact Linear Machine Calibration  
QC-500 One-day Quick check Laser Calibration System   LICS-200A Extreme Compact Squareness and Straightness System  
MCV-5000 Linear, Squareness and Straightness Calibration   LICS-300H Extreme Compact Complete Machine Calibration System  
MCV-5002 Aerospace Laser Calibration System   SQ-500 Accessories for Squareness Measurement  
SD-500 Volumetric Calibration   DI-500 Non-contact Laser Dial-Indicator  
LB-500 Laser/Ballbar   RT-100 Rotary Table Calibration Package  
MCV-2002 Linear, Angular and Flatness Calibration   MCV-4000 Linear, Angular, Flatness, & Squareness  



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